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     The Story Behind The MK98

          It all started when I bought out a closing paintball fields inventory to start a paintball field in the woods behind my house. I didn't want the sport to die out in my town. So me and 2 friends bought all the guns and air tanks needed to have 20 people play. I only charged for paint at this field just to get people to play. And I didn't even charge them half the time for the paint. I just wanted people to like playing and continue to grow the sport. I wanted my friends to join me in playing with a mag- fed marker but they were to expensive and the conversion kits were unavailable to buy.

         So on January 22, 2014 I designed the Magazine Kit for 98 Customs or MK98 to convert my collection of Tippmann Model 98s into mag-fed markers. Using a $700 build it yourself 3d printer and a free 3d program SketchUp I created the first prototype. Little did I know that I created something so good for the sport. A manager at my job seen me testing the adapter in the back parking lot of work and strongly suggested that I get a patent on it because it was such a good idea. I am just a normal working class guy and cant afford a patent lawyer. So my mom talked to a lawyer friend of hers and he wanted to talk to me about it. He was interested in helping me because of a new patent law and wanted to test it out on my design. So now I have a original design that is patent pending and highly desired in the mag-fed community. 


                                             The Man Behind The Mask

         You might have noticed I dont show my face at all. Its because im not trying be rich and famous. I don't like people to know who I am. All you need to know about me is that i'm a christian, i'm a player, i'm a teammate, and i'm a friend. When you buy something from Dead Cell you're not buying from a business. You are buying from a fellow player who might be fighting right beside you in a game.