Dead Cell Paintball

Innovative Paintball Products

Hi my name is Ryan but everyone calls me Dead Cell. I'm just a regular guy who loves playing paintball. I'm not a business!! I make all this stuff my self in my home. I put a lot of work into these to make them as perfect as I can. I hope you like them. See you on the field.

If you have any questions contact me on FACEBOOK
(you will get a quicker response through FACEBOOK rather than email)

Some awesome players sporting Dead Cell shirts


M17 Zetamag Adapter 
This is the prototype version it is much shorter now.

MK98 prototype in action.


Stuff i'm working on right now. You might see some of these for sale soon.

Hammer 7 TR8R 

TiPX Compensator

MKV Adapter

M17 CQB Grip

Tiberius Mag Extenders